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What is the Jimdo Hotel-Website?

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2013 01:35PM CEST
With our partner Jimdo you are able to create your own modern  hotel website with just a few clicks. You can customize many details in the ibelsa-Jimdo layout and of course adjust it to you own hotel requirements.

These include above all:   
-The use of your own logo                                                                                                                          -up to 6 own wallpapers                                                                                                                             -the use of the ibelsa web-booking                                                                                                            -personalise information about your hotel
-use of up to 6 languages

In the following articles you will find instructions how to customize the website template for your hotel. For all changes which affect pictures you have to upload a graphics files in a specific format, a specific size and with a defined name. We will show you how this must be done. To change the booking tool to an individual hotel booking tool, a simple modification to the HTML source code is necessary, which you will also find in the following documentation.